Lavender plantation

The newest S Land Project

The Project

So far, we cultivate 250 decare lavender plantation, located in the Fore-Balkan hills of Stara Planina, in village of Gorski Dolen Trambesh. The region is famous for its grey forest soil, which benefits the lavender breeding. In immediate closeness runs Yantra river, well known with its large and picturesque meanders. The annual average rainfall quantity in the region is about 600-700 mm, enough for the needs of the plantation.

The farm grows lavender crops already third year and the production, as well as the plantation, grow bigger with every year. The following lavender types are planted: Sevtopolis, Hemus, Jubilejna and Heber from which the farm also produces seedlings planting material.

Our plantation is bio certified and cultivated by organic methods. In the end of 2019, the economy starts a project plan of setting up an essential oils distillery. It is expected the distillery to be also bio certified.